“Songs of the Lamb”

Songs of the Lamb

This “booklet” was a songbook collated for the sole purpose of people who wanted to seek God in the early 1970’s.

The opening paragraph in “About this book” says it well;

“A couple of years ago the Lord moved upon a small group of young people and drew them into deeper fellowship with Himself, resulting in a more zealous expression of their love and desire for His purposes. One such expression was to meet together in homes, sing praises in worship to God, study His Word, share one another’s blessings and pray for one another’s burdens.”

This my copy of the songbook. It was used extensively around Australia and New Zealand at that time. You will notice they are all scriptures with guitar chords. That is what it was like…open your bible and sing the scripture. These songs are still in my mind today and I know a lot of scripture simply becasue I use to sing them.

The book is 73mb, but is worth downloading. I have posted this for posterity.

Peter C Hall


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