Just released

We are excited to announce the release of Peter C. Hall’s “43 spiritual poems about you!” is now available on Amazon.

You can get it in both digital and paperback formats.

You can order here in UK Sterling£

or here in Australian Dollars$

or here in USA Dollars$.

(Also available in other currencies)

The reason why we love poetry, music, stories, theatre, movies, sport etc is because they tell us about ourselves. When you connect to anything in life that touches your soul, you tell yourself; “this is me”, “this is who I am”. Poetry tells you about yourself in ways you would not normally describe yourself. It is a language that transcends your everyday language. This book is about the “spiritual you” in poetry form. It describes who you are, why you think like you do. It also describes the “spiritual source of you”. Peter C. Hall’s Christo-centric world view ensure that these poems are not for the feint hearted. These poems are not “pop art” but are to be chewed on, digested & pondered. They are designed to be worn for a life time. Some poems are meant to be heard. These are meant to be read. They are meant to feed your spirit.

43 spiritual Poems about you printed book cover

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